Do Data. Think Differently.

What we do

We build software for consumer data aggregation and customer data management. Our solutions are online and offer segmentation and targeting, insight appending, exclusion & suppression uploads and a data export functionality. 

Our Products 


DataOnDemand™ is a Reseller solution which

utilises consumer data to generate revenue.

We aggregate 20,000,000 consumer data records generating more than 200,000,000 insights that are Recent, Relevant and Responsive. We tick all the right boxes - just like the Consumers who have opted-in. We're adding around 500k unique records each month. 


ProspectMotor™ aggregates data from over 16,000,000 UK Motorists. 

Combining motoring information at an individual level from Vehicle Insurance Quotes, Online Motoring Clubs, Online Valuations and Breakdown Service Providers we help you create relevant and responsive automotive marketing campaigns, on and offline.  


ProspectView™ appends all our insights and channel information to your customer database.

You can infill, enhance, append, update and clean your database. Everything is uploaded to our segmentation tool so you can quickly export data for marketing campaigns. You can also access all our data - which is NOT on your database - giving you access to millions of prospective customers. 

Tired of Waiting?

Our online segmentation and targeting tool is built for Customers.

With DataOnDemand™ and ProspectMotor™ you can access our database and quickly count and export data for marketing campaigns. Larger Agencies, Resellers and Bureaus who want to add our data to their own count tool can take a monthly SFTP update or API feed on a daily basis. We can also add other data sets into our count tool so brokers can aggregate all their data in one central portal.

Using ProspectView™ owners of large customer databases can upload their own customer data and append it with millions of new insights and ways to contact existing customers. In addition they can also access millions of prospective new customers using the portal. The software neatly divides the databases so you can choose to find new customers or use the appended insights to target existing ones. 

Simply log in and you have instant access to Upload Suppressions, Build Counts and Export Data.

Saving you time and increasing your speed to respond to data requests or create in-house data driven marketing campaigns. 

Make it Count!

Access to a targeting tool that counts millions of records in seconds.

The portal is easy to use, super fast and there are no sign-up fees or upfront licence costs.  We're geared up to develop custom requirements for Client's and have delivered a number of bespoke database management and data sales solutions. 

A whitelabel version of ProspectMotor™ is used by on of the UK's largest automotive advertising businesses - equipping their entire sales team with a bespoke portal that allows them to sell email data as an additional channel to online classifieds.

Consumer data Resellers also host whitelabel versions of DataOnDemand™ that allow their sales teams to very quickly respond to Customer data counts and win business. 

We can also provide full exports and data refreshes to businesses who prefer to host the data and use their own modelled insights, as well as our transactional, lifestyle and social insights.

 All our data is PECR compliant and we provide the necessary warrants.